Your Tea, By Me


I, Morgan Blackmon, am the Owner and Founder of Mytea, LLC. Creating a business that genuinely resembles something I love and am passionate and was critical to me. So, when I thought of this idea and concept, I manifested it into reality. Mytea emerged when I noticed the disparities in Teas I was drinking. I could not change how these companies manufactured their products, but I could change the kinds of teas I wanted to put into my body factoring into creation of Mytea. A company that provided efficient solutions that worked for not only me but could hopefully work for others as well.


With Mytea I wanted to provide a much cleaner approach to the way tea is made. My company is committed to providing all-natural ingredients to make a delicious tea that many of us enjoy! I made my company specifically designed to supplement natural tea so anyone can create their perfect tea blend however they see fit. Mytea carries tea sachets, loose tea blends, and various honey for sweetening your ideal cup of tea. As for creating your ideal cup, those wishing to create a more potent blend can add more loose tea to their tea sachet, and those looking for a lighter blend can add reduced portions or their desired amount. I provide everything, and you make it the way you want! Essentially utilizing my slogan, "Your tea, By me."

I hope my company inspires everyone to start their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Drinking tea comes with so many benefits, it’s delicious, and is something that can simplify your morning as well as help you wind down after a long day. It is something I look forward to daily and has been a life-changer for me in so many ways. So, I hope with Mytea, it will have the same benefiting effects for you!

Love always,

Morgan Blackmon