About Mytea

Mytea, LLC emerged after noticing unfavorable qualities in teas that are sold regularly in stores. Although changing the way other companies manufactured these products was not an option, changing the kinds of teas consumed by customers was a significant contribution to the creation of Mytea. Our goal was to create a company that provided efficient solutions that worked safely and effectively while still providing exceptional and potent flavors in all of our teas.

Mytea provides a much cleaner approach to the way tea is made. Our company is committed to providing all-natural ingredients to make delicious teas that many of us enjoy! I offer tea essentials, and you craft them to your liking! Essentially utilizing our slogan, "Your tea, By me."

Drinking tea comes with so many benefits, and Mytea hopes to inspire those to want to start their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. It is something that can simplify your morning as well as help you wind down after a long day. Company owner, Morgan Blackmon, says "It is something I look forward to daily and has been a life-changer for me in so many ways. So, I hope with Mytea, it will have the same benefiting effects for you!"